About ME! :-D




That sounds a little pretentious doesn’t it? 0_o

It sounds like I have a bit of an ego problem, like I whisper my name to myself in the mirror… “Faaaaiiiithe… *chink, chink* *wink* (Elvis fingers)” Or maybe that just gave you an awkward thought?

But I do… I love it.

My name is Faithe with an E. It’s a name not a word. And sometimes I DO do the Elvis fingers at coffee shops when they begin to write my name like a word. “*chink chink* (Elvis fingers) Just add an Eeeeee… ;-)”

AWKWARD is how most people describe me, although I don’t always agree.

ECCENTRIC is a good word too and for some reason I prefer that.

This blog is a whole bunch of things balled up in one: a journal (who says “diary”?), a creative outlet, a sanctuary for my mind, a serious place for personal reflection, and more than not a place to stick all my confusing feelings that I curiously wonder whether other people share.

SO I’m here to share and find out and get all this ridiculousness out of my head!

Sooooooo Hey, I’m Faithe (<– With an E) and welcome to my  Thoughts, Feelings, and Random Blurbs 😛


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