What is it about you that makes you, you?

What is it about you that makes me want you?

So badly.

That makes me want you sitting next to me?

Breathing my air

And sharing my space.

I am a selfish person.


Yet I give to you as I’ve never given before.

I want you as I have never wanted before.

I love you as I have never loved before.

But I am hateful person.


And there is a shared something between us

That says all my feelings are right.

And warns me not to worry.

Because it is those who worry too much

That stray so often.

And those who think too much

That lose all faith.

I am a hopeful person.


But I do not hope for anything.

I will want.


For the rest of my life.

Or maybe.

Until I find a suitable replacement.

For that piece of you.

That I resonate with.

So soundly.