Take a Spot

 Take a spot

Any spot
Stay there for a while
Claim a seat
Any seat
Validate my smile
Watch me dance 
Watch me twirl
Anything to please
Try me on
Take me off
Throw me to my knees
Swing me left
Swing me right 
Hang me out to dry 
Roll me round
Put me down
Leave me here to die
Know you’re here
Just for now
Then I know you’ll leave
And you’ll come
And you’ll go
What a sight to see


I will be great

I will raise enough money to pay off my education
I will help others along the way

I will be strong-willed

I will love more than my heart can can handle 

I will be love

I will not be afraid of all that’s coming

I will stand my ground

I will live my life happily with happiness in mind

I will be great.