When you’re watching a television show and the main characters are conversing, but they’re taking too long to get to the point do you ever start looking at the extras in the back and wonder what they’re talking about? Like what it is the person in the background with the wheelchair is suffering of? Or why the doctor standing behind the main character is talking to his patient in the middle of a hallway? Because it’s kinda odd when you think about it. Through the television, you get to be a part of someone else’s life in some other fictional world, but really you only see a piece of it. A small piece in a gigantic world that is not our own, with different stories going on in the background, stories we never see. Just like real life, we can only view one and all other story lines we can only fantasize about after hearing them.

Just like in television, right now someone is doing something else that you will never know about. Right now someone, many someones actually, are living lives that will never directly affect you and that you’ll never care to know about. It’s interesting because it makes you realize how small we are compared to everything else, how little impact we have, how little we know about all there is to know.

A few weeks ago, or maybe not even, I passed by an old acquaintance that I had almost completely forgotten. All we could say to each other was a prolonged “Hey…” and it was the ellipses that seemed to sum up our mutual feelings. It was as if we had both completely forgotten each other’s existence and yet there we were, passing each other in the doorway of an Olive Garden. The passing made me think momentarily about all the people I have put behind me from different points in my life. All the extras roaming around in Faithe’s life story. The people who are merely there, forever stuck as static characters or maybe even less than. If I had ventured along a different path would they still be unknown to me? Are their stories worth my interest?

But I’ll never know because in every plot a path must be chosen and only one will ever fully be known to me. Other plot lines are filled with people I’ll never meet, stories I’ll never know, and paths I’ll never venture which is odd only because in my life only one plot line will ever really matter. Extras are just extra after all…


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