Love is the Ultimate Character Flaw


Love may be the biggest character flaw, like in the history of ever.

Think about it for a sec, yeah? What exactly do you envision the perfect person to be like? I mean in order to properly build a society, a perfect society, how would every single person have to be? If you were to make a single mold?

I get that it’s not that easy to imagine. Naturally, people only regularly imagine themselves as how they’ve been and how they’d like to be, not how they would be in an alternate universe where everyone is similar. It’s understandable really. It makes perfect sense. Why would you care anyway? Nothing like that will ever happen. People like themselves too much. True. Very true. But I think it’s important because evaluation of such thoughts give important, or at least interesting, insight into the human psyche. And I like to think that’s cool enough to waste a bit of time on.

Anyway. The point is that the first thing that comes to mind is that you’d probably be bored to death, living in a world where everyone is more the same than not. Living in a grey area. And that’s because, normally, people do only think of themselves as they are. Because if you really think about it, if it were like that, if we had always been like that, we wouldn’t care one way or the other.

The thing about the world is we always think ourselves superior. The thing is that we have no one around to feel superior to so ultimately we have to feel superior to ourselves. Which is ridiculous really, and yet not so ridiculous because it’s always been done. What I’m trying to say is we always think we’re smarter than our alternate selves, that our way is better because it works for us, which sort of explains the reign of terror throughout history, doesn’t it?

We as Americans think that about ourselves and other nations. We don’t even stop after changing others’ habits and their ways of living. We don’t even consider stopping until we’ve changed their minds about their whole situation. We don’t stop until we change their minds into wanting something “better”, until we make them believe that they are inferior.

Haven’t you seen those sci-fi movies that basically captivate our whole lifestyle? Like those shows and movies and books where the main characters go to some primitive place where the natives either are all the same living in a grey mess of uncolorful, uncreative, unoriginality or they are living off of the land, devoted to culture and we come along and attempt to “liberate them” always to their eventual gratitude and concession. Always to their eventual conformity, where they finally believe in their hearts that they have been living wrong, that they have been living primitively.

I mean isn’t it a bit odd? Don’t you think it’s a bit strange? That for some reason we think all people must be unhappy unless they live the way we live and value the things we value? Isn’t it just a bit funny?

Couldn’t it be possible that other people are just fine the way they are not because they’re simply cool with having naught and living in squalor, but because some of them, not all mind you, just value different things? That others just care about different things than we do and maybe that’s completely alright? Couldn’t it be possible that those people in the sci-fi films who were living in grey houses with identical lawns and jobs they were systematically assigned were completely happy with the way they were? That they could in fact have been living completely happily STILL if you hadn’t come around and brainwashed them into thinking the lives they were living were unfulfilled? Couldn’t it be possible that those who we say live primitively are completely capable of living lives like ours but simply don’t because they chose one value over the other? Why isn’t it possible that progress can be made in more ways than one? In one way printing presses, big buildings, and democracy and in another a growing respect for tradition, a sense of community, and family ties?

Why is it that as people we believe in the value of love but don’t see it as it is; acceptance, humility, respect, and understanding? We see acceptance as a barrier against progress and humility a sign of the weak. Respect is just something we throw around to propel ourselves up the social ladder and understanding is only perspective, ours ultimately reigning supreme. See we value love, but only as an excuse for progress. What we value more than anything is superiority and love hinders that.

To the human mind, love is the ultimate character flaw.


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