A Dark Love

Don’t you know that you are mine?

Has God not told you yet?

He wrapped our souls in endless vines

So love, forgive and then forget

Let’s dance you say?

You fidget, squirm

Let’s dance in love instead!

We’ll dance the tango and the waltz!

Then we’ll go ahead

And leave this place

It’s time to go

Our carriage, there awaits

The stars above

Declare our love

And in them read our fates

Oh, ma chérie!

Don’t cry near me!

I’ll wipe your tears away!

I’ll pack my dagger

Close to my heart

And we’ll be on our way.

In the morning we’ll have left

But tonight to the garden square

Your father will have seen you gone

And in the dawn will meet us there.

He’ll find us on the bench at dawn

Wrapped in a crimson sheet

We’ll be tied in love at last

Our hearts playing the same beat

This dagger here will cross our hearts

And with it will bleed our love

A love that bleeds so well and true

That there will never be enough

Oh, my darling don’t you fear!

The man in black has said,

That in the morning he’ll be here

And then we will be wed!

His kingdom will suit you, dear

He promised me last June

All your beauty and your grace

Will be as ageless as the moon

Don’t weep, my love!

I promise you!

The man in black’s our friend!

He gave his word, his honest word!

He’ll be there until the end

And I’ll be here

Right by your side!

Have you ever heard me lie?

I assure you that my words are true.

I will never say good bye.


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