Alternate “You’s”

Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”– Dumbledore

I don’t know what it is about these words, but don’t they make you think? It makes me question the “realness” of “reality”. And the “reality” of “real”. Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror and wondered if the “you” you were seeing in the mirror was exactly what everyone sees or if they see a different “you” entirely? Then if they had seen a different “you” than you had, maybe it is possible that nothing you have ever seen has been the same for other people. Maybe everyone has their own version of your face that their mind makes up and, to them, that picture you posted on Facebook… Is hideous. And you should have kept it to yourself. Maybe, to them, blue is a different color, more like your green and their yellow’s the color of your mountains. Maybe we all see different things, but we just don’t know it.

Then that brings up that whole question about alternate universes.

Maybe everyone experiences something different than what I’m experiencing. Maybe my life is just a fabrication of my mind and there are billions of other fabrications way different than what my mind has made. Maybe in someone else’s mind’s fabrication they live on an alternate planet, in an alternate universe, where they eat the pits of cherries instead of the cherry itself and I’ll never know because it’s not mine to experience. Maybe…

Then again, Harry was talking about dream.

Dreams conjure up a whole other stream of thought. Dreams are a whole other stream of thought. Wouldn’t it be weird to think that dreams weren’t merely thoughts we thought up, but actual experiences we had outside of the confines of our bodies?


Have you ever dreamt of falling? Off of a cliff, off of a building, off of anything? You know how right before you wake up from a falling dream, how at the point where you would have hit the ground you jolt awake? As if you actually were falling and, instead, landed right there on your bed? Well… what if you had? What if your spirit really had experienced that fall? What if it really had jolted into you where your body laid in bed sleeping? Doesn’t that bring on a whole new string of thoughts? If that were true, your spirit would’ve experienced every experience you’ve ever dreamt about in some alternate world. A different type of reality. Like a leave of absence for your spirit to do whatever it pleases while your body recuperates. And since your spirit and body are connected by life, your experiences are remembered, just not in complete detail, because your body can’t handle the overly spiritual qualities. You could apply this theory to comas. You could say that, while in a coma, your spirit has been knocked out of you because of some jarring event to the body and is now blocked from returning. Like it’s just floating around, in and out of Dreamland, helplessly, like that Just Like Heaven movie. I like the thought. To some extent… But, of course, you could say a lot of things… I suppose I just find it interesting.