A Great Instance


There’s one thing that I love, and I think all women love it although they might not care to admit it: the notion of family. Yes, we may say we have no interest in making a family, that marriage is overrated (all of which I’ve said repeatedly), but somewhere deep inside of us there is nothing that warms our hearts more than the loving interactions between parent and child.

I was watching a video, (I don’t know why I was watching it because it was much too long) and what was weird was that I was so oddly touched by it, although, when contemplating the moment, I knew there was no real reason why I should’ve been. But, because of this unknown reason, a particular part just warmed my heart:

The kids were playing on the roof of a car while the dad stood watching, egging them on.
“Aww, Mom’s back!” he told them. “Time to get off!”
The children looked around the car for means to exit.
“No! You guys have to jump!” the dad said, excited for them. He stood at the end of the car, stretching out his arms toward them eagerly, waiting. So one by one they jumped happily, trustingly, straight into his loving embrace, but the third child hesitated.
“But I’ll fall!” She reasoned.
“No, I’m right here to catch you!” He replied. “You can’t. See?” He extended his arms out further, reassuringly.
“You have to catch me then…” She said, still obviously hesitant, but slowly inching forward.
“Of course…” He replied with a smile. And she sprang out, reaching her arms out to him, ready to grab a hold if he should fail. But he didn’t. And before he put her down to set her with her siblings, he pulled her close into him. Looking down and smiling, he finished, straight into her ear,
“Don’t I always?”

And that was my favorite part.

I read somewhere (or maybe someone explained to me) that life is really a collection of great instances and that it’s just us, as people, who tend to view them as a whole. Whomever, said we live for the small instantaneous moments of grandeur, waiting for one to come along like people do at the end of every paycheck. It’s how we react to each great instance, that fills up all the extra space, and what makes for every other instance. I like the thought. That each great emotion, each great idea is something new; a great compilation of differences. I think love is one of those Great Instances that we wait for. When it comes, we swarm to it like flies to flame. That’s why the Great Notion of Family is so appealing, so seductive. We’ve risen out of our last Great Instance and are now waiting for a new one, not bothering to notice and admire the simplicity of the ones in between. We crave the grandeur. This is where we fail. We wait so long for our Great Instance that we lose sight of all others. We imagine what it will be like. We plan it out in our minds so when it finally happens, it has lost all appeal. We have contemplated it for so long that it has lost its original, instantaneous feeling, which is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

I suppose that’s the problem with society. Though, I don’t pretend to know. You should never claim to know anything completely, not even your own heart, because it will never be true… But surely it must have a Great Something to do with it.


2 thoughts on “A Great Instance

  1. yeap though i one day dream of starting a happy family, i dont intend to ‘consciously’ plan for it right now. just slowly letting the grandeur effects ease into me before finally experiencing it would definitely be one of the most fulfilling feelings in my lifetime!

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