It’s an odd thought…

In one way we believe that everyone has the right to live, that we’re all unique and valuable, and yet at the same time we celebrate and thrive on the fact that every person is just as expendable as the next.

Think about it.

The Constitution states that we have a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and as Americans we feed on this. We tell our children that they could be whatever they want. Live your dreams! Reach for the skies! Subliminally preaching to every child of every American generation that the point of life is to live and love. We say that they’re important. That everyone is equal. And that no one person will ever be above or below another.

But then we grow up.

We coin phrases such as YOLO! and paste it on every social networking site, hinting to the public that the point of life is not to live and love, but to live because we will one day die. Our government sends patriotic men off to war like pawns in a chess game, knowing that, just like in chess, the pawns, our frontline, aren’t vital to our country’s welfare as a whole. We “sacrifice the lives of a few to save the lives of many” in more than just war, but in everyday life with our words and with our actions, sacrificing one another at work and in life for our own greater good. A person lies in the workplace, we fire them so our business can thrive. A person steals, we send them to jail so our lives can be easier. A person kills, we kill them so we don’t have to live in fear. With every action, with everyone law, we show each other how expendable each one of us is. How unimportant our lives are compared to the collective magnitude of the world, all the while somehow backing the whole ordeal on the absurdly hypocritical notion that we are all equal and none of us worth more than the other. And it’s an odd thought to think that those lies telling us we are all equal, the lies that we still somehow believe and uphold, the lies our government was based upon; that we are all equal in life and in death…Are actually keeping us from crumbling into chaos. Because without these lies holding us together, the lies that we were born into, the ones that somehow tell us that everything is fair and equal or at least should be, and that we firmly back every action against, we’d all realize what madness we live in and destroy each other from the inside. The world would break apart and we would break with it. We are all expendable after all.

So maybe… In the midst of all this potential chaos we can learn one thing: Lying to children. Yeah, that’s a good thing 😉


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