Right words


She was crying again. The girl in the passenger seat was confused. Why did this woman cry over everything? She was obviously overly emotional. The girl couldn’t even have a six minute conversation without the woman bursting into tears. She could sense the tears coming, the silence reeked of them. She could feel that the woman was holding them back, catching them on the brims of her eyelids. Maybe she was ashamed of them herself. The girl did not understand this woman, a realization that made her feel even guiltier. She flashed back to the last few minutes, reviewed the exchanged words over slowy in her mind. What she said, in retrospect, wasn’t so bad. She hadn’t even elevated her voice… but she had rolled her eyes… She supposed it was a bit rude, but not blatantly, just slightly, so why did it upset her so? The girl stared at the woman awestruck. She had so many feelings! Unprecedented feelings! Or so she thought… Then why did she feel so immensely guilty? She attempted to apologize, but words were not her strong suit… The words came out wrong… Always wrong… She had meant to sound sincere.The words never came so instead of apologizing she chose to ignore the moment. Move on. Pretend she had accepted it and kill the awkwardness with pointless conversation.

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