Marriage is a Selfish Practice


Why anyone would want to be married is beyond me. Values, I suppose. The fulfillment of some kind of hidden agenda forced on us at an early age… Definitely, maybe. Religion. Power. Bragging rights. Peer pressure. Children. None of which affect me. None of which I care about. Love? Marriage has nothing to do with love. God says to love everyone. I can love the world without having to tie myself to it semi-permanently. It’s just something to do, really. Like a public announcement. A display. Egotistical, actually. To tell everyone as if they have to know. As if they want to. No one needs to know about my private life. If I just know I’m fine. Good. Happy. Satisfied. Content. Why want anything else? Needing more is just being showy. Rude. Pushing your life on others. Telling them of what you have so they’ll want it too. Greedy. Selfish. Yes, marriage is a selfish practice.


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